About us

We are a group of qualified technicians with over 14 years of practical experience in a field of construction and maintenance of fiber optic and data copper transmission cabling systems.

Our specialization

We specialize in implementation, testing and certification of a data centre fibre optic structured cabling systems, fiber optic backbone networks
and copper cable systems in enterprise environment: public and commercial facilities, industrial facilities including refineries and production lines. We also work in FTTx access network field implementing and testing fibre optics components.

Our competences result from extensive professional experience based on knowledge, which we have acquired over the years of training and completed projects.

By working in the telecom carrier environment we have acquired the knowledge and experience needed to carry out tasks in this area – we know the majority of optical solutions on the market. We also work within a critical live carrier services.

On the other hand working in a data centre environment has enabled us to improve our skills in structured high density fiber cabling systems implementation as well as high-density copper cabling systems.

We have successfully participated in the completion of many prestigious projects.

We use top quality japanese core alignment equipment for splicing optical fibers, we make consistent and low loss hand polish terminations and use calibrated testing equipment.

Our extensive knowledge and unique experience allow us to deliver the project on time, according to the project requirements, standards and within the budget.

We also advise at a project implementation stage wherever possible
striving to improve time efficiency with unchanged quality parameters.

We additionally provide fibre optic network maintenance services – links diagnostics, fault/damage location and rectification.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide fibre installation services at the highest European level, in accordance with the most recent standards and trends. We sincerely believe that our activities will help achieve important social and private interest which is universal access to fast, modern data transmission technologies while seeking opportunities for our own stable development.

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