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Testing and certification

We perform standard measurements of polarization compliance, link lenght and insertion loss/attenuation of optical traces using the Tier 1 transmission testing method. We use OLTS test sets working in four most popular transmission wavelenghts 850nm, 1300nm 1310nm and 1550nm.

We perform optional Tier 2 OTDR fiber measurements, in OSP and premises fibre installations to verify optical transmission quality of an installed cabling system and connector/splices performance, especially in FTTx access networks at: 1310nm, 1550nm and 1625 nm wavelenghts. We use the highest quality high resolution OTDR’s.

We perform certification measurements in the datacentres of high density mpo / mtp systems using ultrafast OLTS certification testers. We are able to properly and quickly set up tester references – the most critical procedure in OLTS fibre testing using proper test reference cords (TRC).

We carry out one or bi-directional tests in accordance with the documentation and required standards.

Additional maintenance services

We additionally provide maintenance services, including diagnostics of multi-mode and single-mode fibre traces including precise location and optical characteristics of passive components, in particular elements negatively affecting network transmission parameters, we efficiently locate and repair optical lines damages.

We draft documentation of the testing procedures and provide electronic
copies of all traces (standard or IOLM presentation) and attenuation results (in PDF and native file format if required).

We equally perform extensive tests of copper cabling category 6, 6a, 7. with tester at level V accuracy.

Reasons for choosing us

We are dedicated to provide the best services and top installations quality.
Our technical and commercial approach aims to cut time, costs and ease every ones work.

Any telecom network is only as good and reliable as its most sensitive component – cabling system!